Wednesday, October 17, 2012

He Tells Me...

He tells me the pizza isn’t ready yet
His accent is heavy…what language? I cannot tell

He tells me the price…
I search for the change to make 58 cents

He tells me not to worry about it
It doesn’t matter, he smiles

Then he tells me about the kids that come in after school; hungry
He asks them what kind of pizza slice they would like

They tell him, ‘we have no money’
He tells me how he likes to give them pizza anyhow, just to see them smile

He tells me again; ‘it doesn’t matter
It’s just money and I have enough to get by’

I tell him, 'those kids will remember you forever'
His voice is husky with emotion as he tells me 'I hope so'

He tells me then, with sudden tone change
I had two once; and a wife

He tells me about the war in Yugoslavia
Poof!  and everything he had was gone

He tells me that life in Canada is good
I ask him about his loss; how long ago?

…and he tells me; long ago, thirteen years
I tell him, but thirteen years isn’t that long

With tears he tells me, no, it isn’t
And he tells me when I ask, his first language was Serbian

His second language was Russian; no good in Canada
He tells me he took six months of English school…

He owns two pizza shops and life in Canada is good

© Janet Martin

this happened a few hours before I wrote this. Yes, it is true.


  1. True story? Lovely..although sad, he has a heart of kindness, love, and generosity...beautiful story Janet!


  2. Yes it is. It was going to be a busy evening so I ordered pizza for supper. when I walked in to pick them up I saw him slip a pizza in the oven, apologizing sincerely. I told him it okay, I'll just wait. There was no one else in the shop at the moment and one bit of conversation led to the next.

    We just never know the story behind someones eyes, do we? He is a very kind man.

  3. All over a pizza purchase.
    Touching story,I'm sure he wouldn't of shared it had you been impatient that it wasn't ready.
    Makes me want to pray "Lord, open my eyes today."

  4. It is so touching! While I was there a girl came in, peered at the slices, asked if there's going to be any fresh ones soon and He said, I'm sorry no'. and she said 'fine, I'm going to the other pizza place then!

    I wanted to tell her what he just told me:)

    There is never a good time to be rude or impatient. It reminded me again of how much we need kindness and patience in this world!

    Thank-you for your thoughts.

  5. This touched me very deeply. I had no doubt it was a true story, but even if it were imaginary, it would still ring so true. The way the poem sounds, such an "unlike-Janet poem", is just so authentic. Wonderful.

  6. Sasha, I have thought about him so much today. His story has effected the way I view my life from this day forward! The style came about as I was driving home last night after meet-the-teacher night. I kept thinking about all the things 'he told me'.

    Thank-you for your visit and words.


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