Friday, October 12, 2012

Echoed Refrains

The year is closing in
As silently its door
Will seal within Time’s resting-place
Retrospect’s nevermore

Fearless, the moments pass
As future moments urge
Like whispers in life’s hour glass
Or autumn’s stricken dirge

Thought wings in shadow flight
Across the wending year
How quick the bud turns white
How soon winter is near

Nature’s sage interment
In solemn stillness weeps
The lowered shadows bent
Where resurrection sleeps

The Year is closing in
How swift the daylights wanes
And twixt its rising, setting sun
We write love’s rare refrains

© Janet Martin


  1. This is a lovely share - specially the last stanza ~ Wishing you Happy Weekend ~

  2. Like whispers in life’s hour glass - love that one, my dear. It is very refreshing and lovely to see rhyming poems, most of bloggers write poems without them :(

  3. Dezmond, thank-you so much for expressing your appreciation for rhyme:)
    I like it too.


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