Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

Yiruma always makes me feel like writing:) songs

Let me love you
Darling, let’s stop keeping score
Starting over
Is not what I am asking for
But just another
To love you, darling
Like I thought that love would be

Let me love you
What if this day were our last?
Would its memory
Be the one that we hold fast?
It’s so easy
To forget what we live for
And all I’m asking
Is for one loving-you-day more

Let me love you
Only death makes it too late
To keep on trying
Let me love you, then today
This flesh-blood offering
Is all that I can give
But oh, my darling
Let me love you thus
Each day I live

…and let me love you
Like a slow-dance in the rain
I want nothing
But a day-chance to try again
Starting over
Is not what I’m asking for
But just to love you,
Oh my darling
Just to love you one day more

© Janet Martin


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