Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Caught Off Guard

You come to me a bit like that
A deluge pelting my reserve
You trickle in beneath my hat
To claim what you think you deserve
I cannot resist you so I allow you to slip
Like raindrops on a window over my lips

Who taught you to be a reckless thief?
Your boldness startles demure poise
And you will surely be my mother’s grief
She warned me, ‘daughter, watch out for those boys’
For you are not a placid, gentle-noon’s rainfall
You are a ‘let’s jump from a plane and free-fall’

You came to me a bit like that
I grew accustomed to your style
So I pick out my favorite hat
And wait for you; it’s been a while
The sun grows hot; and I begin to doubt
Nobody taught me what to do in case of drought

 Janet Martin

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