Saturday, October 13, 2012

Before We Ask of Him

Sometimes we do not know the words
To shape our prayer and beckoning
But our God knows; He has heard
Even before we ask of Him

Then, as we cry and beg and plead
In fear and angst and wondering
He sustains our every need
Even before we ask of Him

Our lives are not our own
A gift bestowed; no reckless whim
He reaches to us from His throne
Even before we ask of Him

With God there are no accidents
No unknown hovers vague or dim
His tender mercies intercede

© Janet Martin

How swiftly an accident can shift our ordinaries
As life becomes a sudden dark vale
But injury, sickness and death cannot pluck us
From Hands of love that will never fail.

We stood, watching the orange chopper (air ambulance) circle over our property as it turned to face Toronto or Hamilton, knowing it lifted off from my cousin's farm and not knowing why …we watched as the chop-chop-chop grew faint and the orange dot disappeared, and all we could do
Was pray…

My cousin, a farmer, a dad, a hubby, suffered a farm accident yesterday, losing a limb.
He is in serious condition. I do not know many details at this point other than he lost a foot or leg. Please, if you read this could you pray for him and his family?

Update: He lost his foot at the ankle. He is doing as well as can be expected at this time. they will need our prayers for a while.


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