Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn's Gloaming

Corn-rows, in regimental symmetry
Gleam; an auburn tide in autumn’s gloaming
On twilight’s crest the scarlet rivalry
Of maple and sumac spike daylight's folding 
The full moon embellishes night’s collar
Dull meadow’s surge; silver, a still-life ocean
Echoes, reminiscent of a summer
Converge; filling dusk shadows with emotion
Time reaches out with gossamer embrace
To pluck another season from earth’s face


Is there an antidote for summer-sorrow?
Is grief the flip-side of love’s lithesome joy?
Is there a balm of laughter in tomorrow
To soothe the anguish life seems to employ?
In Time’s quadrille we are reckless dancers
Oft squandering a song we should revere
Distracted as we search for temporal answers
To questions that will never disappear
How subtle the descent of heaven’s scrim
How silently the bloom falls from the limb


The poet weeps into the autumn dark
The tenure of thought curves against lament
Until a poem lights a valiant spark
And re-ignites the passion that was spent
Each season is part of Love’s Masterpiece
The moment-threads of life fall into place
In spite of history’s soundless increase
And Time’s insistent kisses on our face
On summer’s tomb the crimson poppy blows
Somewhere a Groom reserves love’s sweetest rose

© Janet Martin

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