Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn and Fulfillment ...a Blitz poem

 Poetic Bloomings invites us to attempt the Blitz

The BLITZ was created by Robert Keim and is a 50-line poem of short phrases and images.
Here are the rules:
  • Line 1 should be one short phrase or image (like “build a boat”)
  • Line 2 should be another short phrase or image using the same first word as the first word in Line 1 (something like “build a house”)
  • Lines 3 and 4 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 2 as their first words (so Line 3 might be “house for sale” and Line 4 might be “house for rent”)
  • Lines 5 and 6 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 4 as their first words, and so on until you’ve made it through 48 lines
  • Line 49 should be the last word of Line 48
  • Line 50 should be the last word of Line 47
  • The title of the poem should be three words long and follow this format: (first word of Line 3) (preposition or conjunction) (first word of line 47)
  • There should be no punctuation
There are a lot of rules, but it’s a pretty simple and fun poem to write once you get the hang of it.

Time renders autumn
Time snuffs autumn
Autumn begins boldly
Autumn recedes coldly
Coldly the gale seethes
Coldly, the rain weeps
Weeps for lost hours
Weeps for lost love
‘Love endures all things’
Love hopes for spring
Spring is renewal
Spring is hope
Hope spawns comfort
Hope spawns thankfulness
Thankfulness spawns joy
Thankfulness yields happiness
Happiness is not a thing
Happiness is realization
Realization of God’s wonders
Realization of God’s grace
Grace for all ages
Grace for all mankind
Mankind is foolish
Mankind is forgetful
Forgetful of every-day mercies
Forgetful of every-day gifts
Gifts, not filling hands
Gifts filling hearts
Hearts need hope
Hearts need God
God is hope
God is love
Love is not a season
Love is immortal
Immortal purpose
Immortal power
Power to let go
Power to forgive
Forgive your enemies
Forgive your self
Self is a ruthless judge
Self craves affirmation
Affirmation of worth
Affirmation of love
Love is the universal need
Love is the universal fulfillment
Fulfillment needs love
Fulfillment needs God


Initially, I thought this was going to be too hard, but it really is a 'blitz' of simply allowing word to lead...

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