Friday, October 26, 2012

...As We Dance

Darling, oh come and dance with me
For time offers no guarantee
Today will soon be yesterday
And that’s how lifetimes slip away

See how fleet years of painted hope
Whisper upon the purple slope
Feel the breath-kiss of moments pass
A murmur on time’s trampled grass

Darling, how can we bear to waste
Love-moments as they glide in haste
Across the ball-room of the earth
Where seasons spill their meager mirth?

The cold wind broods upon the stones
In blue and moody undertones
The blush of youth, the crown of age
Will settle ‘neath time’s silver sage

Longing and loss and love impart
Their want in oceans of the heart
Fulfillment is a mystic glance
Bestowed in moments as we dance

© Janet Martin

Save the last dance for me...J~

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