Sunday, October 28, 2012

As I Think about Men and Women

Men and women seek
Other men and women
Trying to fill a void within
Men and women find
Other men and women to nurture
Or heal its damaged mien

Men and women love
Men and women
For Love is a thread, its power profound
As men and women wish
For other men and women
By its gossamer potency we are bound

Men and women need
Other men and women
To satisfy love’s single utter plea
There is no other way
And no other beauty
Like these friendships both now
And yet to be…

© Janet Martin


  1. yes, we do seek those connections, need them to live.

  2. "By its gossamer potency we are bound"

    Some powerful writing here, Janet.. I enjoyed this!

  3. Gently written, as love should be. Beautiful thoughts that create soft music for the inner ear.


  4. beautiful thoughts :)
    Only if people treat all bonds with love !


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