Monday, October 22, 2012

A Collection of Reflection

The pink twilight deepens to purple and blue
Folding to memory the lilt of its day
The half-moon, hazy above earth’s avenue
Garnishes gently its slipping away
Autumn-bold attire grows stark on the air
Etched in precision on fathoms of dusk
Amplified silence stokes woodlands soon bare
Tinting the quiet with sweetness of musk
We shield our thought from the clutch of Time’s haste
And savor the portend of what yet awaits

Beyond perceived skylines of south, west, north, east
We sense the turn of a grand Master Reel
Soon the glad morning will spread out its feast
A glitter of moments from Time’s phantom wheel
And we, lowly partakers of Love’s tender grace
Stumble onto its fresh offering of hope
All the while carried in its pure embrace
Stripping the splendor from autumnal slope
Memories layer, an invisible sheaf
Of laughter and sorrow, of gladness and grief

Darkness to daylight, life’s four-season fling
Duty, desire and love’s soft lament
From summer to autumn, from winter to spring
This is the fullness of earth’s little tent
As we, the sojourner in this forward flight
Though we embarked with the haste of fair youth
Suddenly revel in each season’s delight
For age spawns awareness of life’s ageless truth
Time is a flicker of fragmented boast
Life is the threshold to what matters most

© Janet Martin

This poem began yesterday evening, but constant interruption insisted that I will not write about the gorgeous ‘folding of the day’ I had just witnessed while driving out to pick up my daughter at a friend's, in great depth, but only in one stanza.
Stanza two; this morning before a hint of daylight I scanned the ‘perceived sky-lines’ provoking a new train of thought…but then suddenly it was time to get kids up, make lunches, drive hubby to work so I would not be vehicle-less for the week, and as I drove home slowly, reveling in the beauty of a sunny autumn morning stanza 3 took shape.

The result, a totally different poem from first intentions :); sort of a collection of continuous reflection.

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