Thursday, January 27, 2011

When Love Dies.......

When love dies……..
Nobody cries
Or stands with head bowed
In solemn silence
When love dies
There is no grave at which to weep
Where we bring our blooms to heap
Upon the cold and silent shell
Of one whom once we loved so well
When love dies there is no pronouncement
Or official hour of death
There is no memorial or announcement
No ashes scattered ‘cross the earth
Or sea; but there are memories
Of days when love was there and love was fair
Ah, true love is a fortune rare
And must be valued and handled with prayer
Because when love dies
The light in warm eyes
Grows cold and dim
And gone is the vim of the fairer day
Of when love was young; but dearer they
That love when raven locks turn gray
And hold the hand, wrinkled and worn
That they have grown to love much more
Than when their hands joined, soft and smooth
In the blissful dance of youth
When love dies it’s like the fading
Of a picture on the wall
A slow and subtle jading
No one sees it die at all
Until the cold, dark sorrow
Flows from sad and hungry eyes
What a lonely cross to carry
When love dies….
Say ‘I’m sorry’
Say ‘I love you’
Say the things you long to tell
Listen to the words of loved ones
Listen long and listen well
Take a moment, take an hour
These will be a lifetime soon
Love will be the radiant flower
When its song is out of tune
Love, for there’s no greater gift
That anyone can give
And everyone needs to be loved
Before they truly live
How cold the crypt of faded love
In ruins as it lies
Beneath the starless vaults above
Where nobody cries
When love dies…….


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