Monday, January 17, 2011

When I Am Old.....

When I am old, said daughter
When I am old like you
Let me tell you, mother
What I am going to do….
I’m going to build bigger
Fly farther
Dream broader
And smarter….
I’m going to travel the whole world o’er
I’m going to LIVE!!! And explore…

Mother looked at daughter and tilted her head
After a moment she smiled and said
My dear, here is what I wish for you
I wish your wishes may come true
And you may dream bigger and build taller
Daughter, once I was much smaller
I had big dreams and aspirations too……
when I was young….
like you
But then I grew
.....and I had you
and all my dreams came true...
I built bigger,
Flew farther
When I became.....
a mother


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