Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Unlovely..........

Mankind may love earth’s beauty
The oak, the river flowing
The towering peak, the wooded hill
The mellow breezes blowing
The fragile bud on hearths of spring
The passion of the thunder
Each single ecstasy may bring
A sigh of awe and wonder……….

Mankind may love the hand it clasps
The comfort of the moment
As he sees lights of home at last
His haven from life’s torment
Within the arms of love’s embrace
There is no realm of wanting
Gazing at each child’s wee face
Earnest, fearless, trusting

The crimson glow of twilight’s snow
The murmur of the ocean
The sacred calm after a storm
Arouses pure devotion
To love life’s gifts of excellence
Seems to come naturally
But only God can help us love
Life’s truly unlovely……….


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