Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To Dar......

Those tears in our eyes
The faltering of a weary hand
The darkened skies
They are not the end
But simply the reminder
Of our need for a higher Power
The Great Designer
He produces the flower
As we, the created
Adhere to our Creator
Knowing full well
He is Mediator
Twixt seen and unseen
Of what is to be
And what has been…..

Once she combed your hair
Helped you
Loved you and
Taught you to fly
Now, you return her
Gifts of love
One day at a time……
Those tears in your eye
The faltering hand
The wistful sigh
Because you do not understand
These are love’s pictures
A paradigm
Strength sent in whispers
Because of Him……..

The landscape sweeps
Beyond our view
But He who keeps
It; keeps us too
He sends those blue hills
We must climb
But holds us,
One step at a time
Though greener pastures
Draw the eye
We know that winter
Will pass by
And someday
You’ll look back and say
What a day that was

Hang in there, friend,
Love, Janet~

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  1. Thanks, Janet. That's beautiful!It brought a tear to my eye.


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