Sunday, January 2, 2011

Summer Song on a Winter Night

It trickles from the starry tresses
Falls like teardrops from the moon
And its tender note caresses
With a soft and winsome tune
Drifting from each haunt and hilltop
From the pine tree robed in white
Muffled by a snowy carpet
Soulful sonnet of the night

Plaintive strain of playful breezes
Rippling ‘cross a field of green
Warm the laughing wind that teases
Boughs where once the snow had been
Scent of pear and cherry blossom
Wafting o’er a pleasant sea
Skipping now on winter’s bosom
Summer’s gentle melody

Halt the chilling gale now dashing
Unconfined by leaf or flower
I can hear a sonnet splashing
From a warm and muted hour
Murmuring from over yonder
Where the purple twilight spawns
An orchestra of warmth and wonder
Melting on the violet lawns……

Here beside the glowing fire
Some may hear the cold wind moan
But beneath its calloused ire
I can hear a sweeter tone
Singing to me hymns of summer
‘Neath a low and lazy moon
From the frigid arms of winter
I can hear the song of June


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