Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Thoughts.....

I should have fled
But then the red
Of twilights kiss captured my gaze
I should have run
The setting sun
Somehow set my mind a-blaze
I should have tip-toed out of sight
Beyond the clutches of the night
Before her fingers grasped my arm
And led me where the breeze was warm
Where winsome little shadows play
Unseen in bolder hours of day
I should have bolted but instead
Quite willingly I let you lead
Me far beyond the garden wall
Where sonnets of the midnight fall
In low and faint melancholy
Like the music of the sea
I should have torn my hand away
Before I followed in your sway
Yet, how can anyone decline
A stroll within a night so fine
I should have fled
Your lips so red
Softly turned to kiss me
I should have fled
But instead
I asked, Dear, did you miss me?


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