Friday, January 14, 2011

On 'What Might Have Been'.....

Life hath not raised mighty men
Like tall and stalwart tree
By fate of what might have been
Or what is to be will be
The man who stands at his life’s end
With valor and with pride
Is not by what might have been
But is because he tried……..

‘He may have fought, he may have won
If only ‘this’ had been……’
‘Too early set the evening sun’
‘The hill was tall and mean’
‘Too swift the enemy approached
To weary then was I’
Behind a wall of fear he crouched
Too proud even to try

Life gives to he who will not bow
Subjected to defeat
But puts his hand back to the plow
Wiping away his sweat
He does not say what might have been
Had he done that or this
He gives the very best he can
And only sees what is…..

Life hath not raised mighty men
Behind a cowards tongue
Stammering what might have been
If he again were young
True men look life in the eye
With grit and honor keen
True men never will rely
On what might have been


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