Friday, January 28, 2011

Of Choices...............

She mimicked me……
Index finger on her lip,
Middle finger under her chin
Face drawn in concentration………
I hadn’t noticed her on the other side
Of the van door, looking in
I had waited for what felt like
An eternity
In a mother’s busy day
And I got lost in depths of thought
Somewhere along the way

She asked me,
What are you thinking about?
I paused a moment, then replied
I’m thinking about ‘choices’
How lives become what we decide……..
Let’s take something as simple
As the food we eat
Do we choose food that is healthy
Or rich and sweet
Do we care for our bodies
Like a finely-tuned machine
For choices, seemingly hidden
Do not remain unseen…..

I was thinking about your father and I
How the things we choose
Will help to shape your thoughts and life
…….your version of lies or truths
And how my parents chose for me
In all those moments, tiny on their own
Yet when melded together
Becoming my memories of home…..
How choices made over and over
Become habits
Shaping who we are…….

Slothful or helpful,
Foolish or wise
A mere twinkling of the eyes
Yet the impact of moments
And endless choices
Become memories
And lifetimes,
The echo of voices
Playing back to us
In the still of the night
All of our choices
Whether wrong or right
Never affect only one solitary life
Our choices spawn goodness
Or evil and strife
Molding generations
And future voices
Oh, the incredible impact
Of choices
When our Maker knocks
What will our answer be?
This choice unlocks
The door to eternity


I don’t think this answer was quite what she was expecting:)

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