Friday, January 14, 2011

Invisible Choir

It trickles from the willow limb
And whispers in the briar
The melody of winter's hymn
Sung by a faceless choir
An anthem tuned by sun and wind
In perfect harmony
While breakers add a distant blend
Of murmurs from the sea

It laughs upon the frozen girth
Of January’s palm
Played by instruments of earth
Yet without string or tongue
Its chorus spills in silver tones
Too grand for mortal choir
High, then low it lilts and moans
A holy, heavenly fire

Across the silent earth it spreads
In low and mournful lay
While reverently we bow our heads
As if to weep or pray
But then its tempo lifts and swells
In songs of victory
Sweeping up from haunts and dells
Across the frozen lea

Come; lay aside your tools of spoil
Admittance will be free
To he who pauses in his toil
To hear its melody
Timbre of immortal strain
Devoid of word or meter
Composed by He who rules the wind
And natures perfect choir


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