Saturday, January 1, 2011

The In-mate.....

Silently, invisibly
He unsettles the
Otherwise calm and unruffled
Brooding, yet innocently
Waves of
Tormenting vexation
In the dead of night
Or soft rose dawn
Haunting, extreme silences
With an inaudible moan
While others slumber
In midnight’s palm
Without a care
This inmate murmurs
Plaintive notes
Upon the quivering
Frosty air…………..
No small thing, he
Employing idle thought
As hope and human misery
Become entangled
In a helpless knot
Through bars of light
His shadow moves
Imprisoned not by guilt,
But by his love
He pays his dues
In vexing notes
The ever-present
Feeding a slow-burning fire
Of reverence and


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