Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 'Winter Garden'......

I miss my little heaven-plot
Which now I wander in my thought
With flowers perfectly maintained
In breezes soft, no muscle strained
Forgotten is the tangled mass
Of last years phantom paradise
Forgotten are the weeds and woes
That every seasoned gardener knows
I see beneath the snowy hearth
The bosom of a waiting earth
Knowing soon will come the hour
Where she will bear her radiant flower
And I will linger in the eve
Where all the shades of summer weave
A fragrant shoulder, gold, pink, blue
Its robe an ever-changing hue
Of daffodil, larkspur, jasmine
Of rose, lily, and columbine
Of bloom in all its varied form
Gracing summer’s tender arm
Oh yes, I miss my heaven-plot
Of violet and for-get-me-not
So now, a-wandering I go
Past this frozen white plateau
To a shoulder, earthy, warm
Where I’ll rest on summer’s arm


Well, January is just kinda dissolving into
thin air......if this trend continues we will be
up to our elbows in dirt saying 'I can't believe it's spring
already!'...before we know it!!!
So I will enjoy strolling through my 'winter garden'
In my winter garden everything is always PERFECT!!!!
No weeds, no blisters..........m-m-m-m!!:)

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