Monday, January 3, 2011

I Didn't Know......

I didn’t know when I was a little girl
Yellow-haired and big blue-eyed
And I would sit and stare at the world
Wonderful and wide
Wishing I would grow a little quicker
I didn’t know then that youth is a flicker,
A flash
And then it is gone
A splash
In the river, surging on
I thought time was a freight train steady and slow
An all day rain with no where to go
When I was a girl........
Oh, I didn’t know….

And I didn’t know when I was young
That childhood is a song too quickly sung
Or that love is not just a fuzzy birthday card
But that love can hurt and love can be hard...........
And dreams are a luxury afforded by youth
Before we are troubled with life’s bolder truth
And I didn’t know as I gazed past today
How quickly tomorrow is yesterday
And the lips that sigh and the feet that dance
Would soon realize that youth is a glance
Swept away in Time’s vast, misty sea
And dreams are a day that used to be……….

And I didn’t know as I sat rocking you, my dear baby
How fast you would try to be a lady
And I want to tell you about a short sweet ride
As you gaze into the blue; dreaming about being a bride
But I would never snatch your dreams away
Because soon your tomorrow will be yesterday
And you’ll sing a song in the twilight’s glow
About being young and what 'I didn't know.......
When I was a girl, yellow-haired and blue-eyed
Staring out at a world so wonderful and wide………'


Picture: my third birthday holding
my 'fuzzy' birthday card.....
( I know, it's hard to tell:)

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