Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In dulcet tones the soft wind moans
Through dark and pine-brushed awning
The deep blue eye of yonder sky
A-thousand memories spawning
From somber lips a whisper slips
Into the midnight bower
It sirs in me a melody
Of one fair, faded hour

The sanguine lay of summer’s day
Grows faint, but not forever
The gilded kiss of August bliss
Lies just beyond the river
It seems to me that I can see
The shimmer of its splendor
In dulcet tones the soft wind moans
A love song, warm and tender

It drifts to me from distant sea
A sonnet with no pardon
Falling upon the argent lawn
And memory-gilded garden
With silvered wings its cadence rings
Across this tranquil hour
As I resign this will of mine
To its hierarchal power

Its strains portend imminent end
To winter’s frigid sorrow
The bright bloom lies in cold disguise
Beyond some near tomorrow
In dulcet tones the soft wind moans
And wraps its arms around me
A melody of reverie
I let its pain surround me


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