Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Leave Me Yet......

Don’t leave me yet…
There are forget-me-nots along the shore
We need to pick
And dreams to dream along a path
We have not wandered
And moments in which we may laugh
And some we have not squandered
In our quest to hold back the hovering
Of a shadow overhead
But can’t you hear me whispering
Don’t leave me yet……

Don’t leave me yet
My hand is cold without your touch
The tears we shed, because of time
Don’t seem to matter much
But there’s a tree up on the hill
We need to lean against it still
And you’ll tell me a thought or two
And I will answer, I love you
As shadows gather overhead
I softly murmur
Don’t leave me yet…….

Don’t leave me yet
The hours pass too quickly away
As faded dreams lower their heads
And verdurous fields turn gray
But still I plead for one more day
Ah, one is not enough
Nor is eternity
When it comes to love
I see the petals fall and sleep
Upon a silent bed
I cannot help but turn to weep
Don’t leave me yet……..


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  1. Your poem can apply to so many types of love. So good… Thank you


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