Monday, January 30, 2017

Of So It Goes...

Everyone seems a little more giddy today,
(with the exception perhaps, of students studying for and writing The Dreaded Exam)
 ...might it be the return of the long-lost sun?!

Hearts are full of hallelujahs after gray is crowned with gold!
Laughter, like ten-thousand diamonds
Spills from hunger's hidden hold

Without lows there could be no highs
Without goodbyes there could be no hellos
Darling, I wouldn’t change the order if I could
Of so it goes,
So it goes

Without tears, laughter would lose lithe joy
Colorful May less blithe without December too
If I could I wouldn’t change a single thing
Darling, would you,
Would you?

Without absence who would ever wear
The river of gladness in greeting’s giddy gaze
Without trouble who would be humbly aware
Of better days,
Better days

Hello-goodbye, yes-no, low-high
 March-July, oh my, ouch, a thorn, oh, a rose
What waits to unfold from the gray-gold-blue sky
Nobody knows,
Nobody knows

© Janet Martin

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  1. Splendidly composed. delightful thoughts purposed.


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