Friday, September 11, 2015

Lest We Forget The Faith of Our Fathers (for North America)

Here, on the self-same sod that lured forefathers from afar
To brave the mighty sea that rose between borders, we are
The evidence of blessing sprawls across the nation wide
We till the self-same sod where generations lived and died
And soon, for no one is immune, we too will lie beneath
This place of goldenrod in bloom and zephyr-tousled heath

But now we are, armed with the only thing of any worth
A new Today; to leave a little labor on its girth
Thus we, before our blood and bones pervades this very dust
Should view its undertaking as an offering of Trust
And never, for a moment dare to entertain the thought
That we are now entitled to more than forefathers sought

Here, on the self-same sod they craved the very things we do
Freedom and family, a little house to come home to
And many, on the eventide by light of candle lit
Would open up the Word of God and read and pray a bit
Knowing that by His grace alone they toil and till and trod
Oh, pray we are as faithful as they, on this self-same sod

© Janet Martin



  1. This should be read at the next Inauguration ceremony.

    1. sometimes I almost stagger beneath the thought of what will happen to north America if we disregard the Faith of our Fathers...
      thank-you Sasha, for your kind words. I wish it could be read in every school!

  2. I agree, these quotes should be read at schools. Hope, someday they will.

    And I was referring to your poem, Janet, as the one for the Inauguration. The quotes would be very fitting for the occasion, too.

    1. thank-you:) and also, I really like your new website!

    2. Thank you, Janet. I'm still settling in, but it's beginning to feel like home.

      I've just shared a quote from your poem on my website, and linked to your post. I hope lots of people will read it.

    3. :) it's funny how our bit of screen can feel so personal!

      ..a most humble thank-you.
      Just read a seriously sobering article here...

    4. I read it, too. The "deal" is a very real tangible threat to the entire world. It's against all logic and plain common sense.

      I hope it can be stalled until the next US leader comes to power and abolishes it. Hope it's the first thing the next leader does.

      The world needs a lot of prayers.


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