Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Order of Things.....

Betrayal brings hurt
Lost love brings sorrow
The sun in the west
Will bring us tomorrow
Hard work brings fatigue
The rain makes things grow
And a smile brings sunshine
Wherever we go

Words hastily spoken
Will oft bring us shame
And a promise broken
Will ruin a good name
A seed that is planted
Will bring forth its fruit
Life taken for granted
Is misunderstood

Doors will open
But they also close
The higher the moment
The lower the lows
Love freely given
Will ever increase
But the miser's dungeon
Will never know peace

Feelings are a luxury
Few can afford
The devil’s debauchery
Seduces hands that are bored
Reaching to help others
What healing it brings
Yes, life has a natural
Order of things

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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