Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sometimes A Poem...

 What's your poem today?
Even gray days brim with beauty...

Sometimes wonder needs an outlet
Sometimes longing needs a home
Sometimes mem’ries need a locket
Sometimes rev’rie needs to roam
Sometimes then, it seems we need a poem

Sometimes weakness needs a shoulder
To lean on, like strength of ink
Sometimes, as we’re growing older
We like taking time to think
Sometimes a poem grants that tender link

Sometimes we want to remember
Tints that seasoned tides attract
So we try to save September
Like gold glimmers, snared and stacked
Where a poem leaves gleaned sheaves intact

Sometimes summer needs retracing
Sometimes winter needs a prayer
Sometimes the Thing we’re embracing
Disappears into thin air
Sometimes a poem drives away despair

Sometimes moments need no music
Save a ballad bittersweet
Sometimes beauty needs no showcase
Save the heart that skips a beat
Sometimes a poem is all the love we need

© Janet Martin

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