Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Balance-beams of Beauty and Happiness

The wrong and right of choice compels keen conscience to beware
Where height and light of hope dispels the dark depths of despair

The shawl of self-pity we clutch can turn into a noose
The fall that follows pride and such leaves egos less footloose

Longing can drain wishing-wells dry if we forget to pray
Sometimes the tear that dims the eye washes the cloud away

How subtle is the certain sum that habits will ingrain
The way we are is the outcome of thoughts we entertain

Hard to feel crappy if we concentrate on thankfulness
To make others happy is the secret to happiness

…and happiness if often noisy, messy, sticky, sweet
A room where boys and girls dash through with dream-worlds in their feet

Richer are we content with less than much wanting for more
Where without words we all confess who we are living for

Where without human kindness nothing else is worth our while
And beauty is its finest in the showcase of a smile

© Janet Martin

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