Saturday, November 10, 2018

Of Teenage Green-age

PAD Challenge day 10; For today’s prompt, write a teenage poem.

You are oblivious to Time’s fleet feet; the starry street
Of love and life still virginal; the bud tender and sweet
Your panoramic outlook rife with possibility
Not stricken yet with Relinquishment’s ‘never meant to be’

You are an almost-butterfly still shedding your cocoon
Undaunted by The Swiftness that undoes the afternoon
Your senses keened to fantasies that youth aspires to
No dusty archives in your head as yet to mar the view

You are the future’s wheels in motion forging forward where
The aftermath of Beaten Path leads to more than thin air
Your visage not yet haunted by the echoes of a stream
Your shadow falls behind you as you leap from dream to dream

Where the green-leaf of knowledge primes the vestiges of skill
Time's college full of trade-masters waiting to test sheer will
Before the roar of decades turns the spirit young and free
Into the very people that you vowed never to be…
your parents

© Janet Martin

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