Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My Love-Hate Affair With Old Man Winter

PAD Challenge day 20: For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
  • Write a love poem. Or…
  • Write an anti-love poem.

Sometimes I think that I could do without the ways of you
You rattle skin-bone cages with your grin-and-bear it jeer
And though I've come to expect all the wild, white things you do
Sometimes I weary of the armies that you commandeer

…but then I cozy up with quilts and listen to you wail
And feel so wealthy with home fires and supper-soup feast
And then I thank the Lord for shelter from your howling gale
A glimpse-of-heaven-haven when your weather is a beast

Sometimes I get enough of white fluff dazzling fields and streets
The beauty that we push, plow, shovel keeps me torn between
The wonder of your wander-lands swaddled in pristine sheets
And hunger for wild-flower strands and meadows em’rald green

But then I hold a mug of Hot after your cold halloo
And feel So Very Fine in fuzzy-slippered hearth-front chats
After I turned the other cheek and you fist-cuffed it too
Though I had put on armour of coats, mitts, boots, scarves and hats

Sometimes you are a flirt, your kiss soft, starry-eyed delight
Sometimes you are a jerk and push me hard across the yard
Sometimes you are a lonesome fellow calling through the night
Sometimes a rowdy, rough-neck rogue, sometimes a brooding bard

Belief is trust in Something that we cannot see or touch
Where Hope and truth comprise the age-old faith to which we cling
So I am not completely over-whelmed by your clutch
Knowing that given time enough, you always yield to spring

© Janet Martin

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