Thursday, November 15, 2018

Seasoned Sighs and Sacred Ties

 Tell me, tell me, tell me, 
how can it be 
mid-November already!

Through a lighthouse window in Souris PEI

This tick by tock tinder
That burns to a cinder
And turns into winter
Sweet spring, summer, fall
Will, with the same measure
Take trouble and pleasure
And turn it to treasure
Of times we recall

This high and low motion
That rolls like an ocean
Through prayers of devotion
And love’s tender tears
Gathers in its surges
Time’s day to day splurges
Where what soft-emerges
Is echo of years

This window of wishing
And 'let's just go fishing'
 Is like a cook, dishing
Out fodder for thought
Where pirates of passion
And four-season fashion 
Are bound to a ration 
Of what soon is not

This bygone-bent sally
Of hilltop and valley
Of dashing or dally
Binds us to good-byes
For soon what we savour
Slips from us forever
To season the flavour
Of ‘my, how time flies

This breath-by-breath peeling
Through which death is stealing
Is far more than feeling
Or seeing or need
Beneath skin-wreathed shutters
A deathless wing flutters
And Soul-fully utters
A Call all should heed

© Janet Martin

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