Friday, February 24, 2017

Meaning of Life

What, the meaning of this sorrow
Where tomorrow wears a veil
And the fantasies we borrow
Are distorted with travail

What, the meaning of the hour
That can drain youth’s lithesome stride
With naught but morn’s newborn flower
And its grave on eventide

What, the meaning of this hunger
That no treat can satisfy
While our looking back grows longer
As time dwindles its supply

What, the meaning of this flicker
Soon it fades in Farewell’s seal
In a sepulcher of echoes
That nobody can repeal

What the meaning, oh my darling
Of each kiss, each tear, each sigh
That, in the grand-scape of living
Always leads us to good-bye

What, the meaning of these seasons
Veneer on earth’s earthy scrim
Ah, the Giver grants the reason
It is our means back to Him

© Janet Martin

If we think life is not worth its strife and plod
We under-estimate Heaven, my love
And oh, we under-estimate God

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