Monday, February 20, 2017

Thank-you God, For Families

It is Family Day in Ontario...
 We are looking forward to spending it with our family's newest member,
Brantley James Curry (grandson born on Jan. 4)

We thank-you God, for families
They turn a house into a home
And make a life of memories
With people we can call our own

We thank-you God, for families
And pray we never fail to find
The gift in what soon slips with ease
To art-galleries of the mind

We thank-you God, for families
The fuss and mess whereby we learn
To give and help, say thank-you, please
And remember to wait our turn

We thank-you God, for families
And hope that we never forget
To cherish mercies such as these;
Life’s silver cords not broken yet

© Janet Martin


  1. Happy Family Day, Janet!

    "Life’s silver cords not broken yet" -- one of your many wonderful lines. Whatever you decide about blogging, I hope you won't disappear from the blogosphere completely..

    1. Thank-you! It's gorgeous here today. Victoria and I just returned from a long walk. I think we'll pull the chair out on the deck and enjoy a coffee-break in the sun when Rob and Emily get here.

      I hope to continue blogging too! I think a break every so often IS healthy so maybe I'll do that every so often or simply slow it down a little, (but every time I say that there seems to be SO much to inspire writing:)...then I just go with the ink-and-think-flow.

  2. We thank-you God - I join you


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