Saturday, February 25, 2017

Of Bedrocks, Beauty and Belief

We hone, with common skin and bone
Life-lessons we are taught
And sharpen on time’s silk and stone
The ilk that cradles thought

The beauty of the earth, it seems
Is immune to man’s quirks
But lays its best beneath our dreams
In nature’s faultless works

As we, mindful or not, of God
Glimpse hints of heaven-dust
And trample with feet mercy-shod
Its stomping ground of trust

What hope we hold in human hearts
If we are not deceived
For Hope is that which God imparts
To we who have believed

Lord, be the hope in us this day
The bedrock of each thought
Lest we be tricked by heathen sway
And live this life for naught

Temptation does not change its tone
In spite of changing views
Where we, with common skin and bone
Worship the God we choose

© Janet Martin


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