Monday, February 20, 2017


We enjoyed our annual February get-away to Toronto,
remarking, as always, the quickness with which this week-end returns each year.
Generally we battle biting, cold gales but this year we joined strolling throngs along the waterfront,
drinking in the gold and blue delight of a February thaw...

It is quite natural, they say
The way we find our way somehow
From far and foreign yesterday
Into a new yet older Now

The turbulence of tick and tock
Walks through us without much ado
Deriving from offspring of Clock
A new, yet older me and you

For as we learn to acclimate
Life’s 'wait-and-see' with 'my-time-flies'
We realize and ruminate
With new, yet ever older eyes

On common ground of Now and Here
We peer into time’s changing face
The balance beam of year-to-year
A new, yet ever older grace

© Janet Martin

We stopped for a mid-afternoon coffee break at Bob's Coffee Bar
(first week-end open!)where our daughter Melissa works.


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