Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Much To-do

Last week's whitewashed walkway
is stripped to its floor-boards
rousing thought-scapes of wild-flowered fence-lines
 and blue-bowered hills...

So much to see where time runs free
While we are taxed to death by it
Before the door from Nevermore
To Evermore secures its flit
Where awesome in-between runs rife
With joy and strife, life’s scrim a hymn
Of newborn days where age-old ways
Cannot time’s trays of wonder dim

So much to do where time runs new
Through blue of breath-by-breath farewell
Still, we should pause a bit because
Life’s oohs and a-ahs are like a bell
That tolls in holes where footsteps lie
‘Neath skies, as rise and set of sun
Vexes, with velvet undertow
Daydreams and to-do lists half-done

So much to learn; time tips its urn
As burden and blessing ally
To teach so much about the touch
Replenishing our wishing eye
With green of May after the gray
Of winter wakens spring's return
Where time runs free with much to see and
Much to do and much to learn

© Janet Martin

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  1. ...and life is there. Enjoy the adventure.


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