Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In Case We Forget...

…who whets the west with setting sun
Then lets it back to day begun
Who forges gorgeous heaven-hues
From nothing more than airbrushed blues
Who glisters winter’s dormant bow’rs
And tempers mercy’s rod with flow’rs
Who woos from woodland, vesper-hymn
And renews weary worlds with spring
Who wills the way whereby we live
And fills the tray whereby we give
Who plants this place with joy and woe
And grants His grace whereby we go
Lest we forget such loving care
We should greet each new day with prayer

© Janet Martin


  1. "and tempers mercy's rod with flow'rs"...yes, that is my favorite line in this poem of yours.

    1. Thank-you for reading and for your thoughtful comment! Aren't you glad for flowers?!


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