Monday, February 27, 2017

Blessed Assurance

Sometimes the ebb and flow of come and go and low and high
Where nothing is quite like it used to be in days gone by
Can make us long for joy and song where wars of wrong and right
Make pitfalls out of fortune and stumbling blocks out of sight
Until we flee to He whose law and love are undeterred
Securing us with calmness to the anchor of His word

Sometimes the sapphire awning of mid-morning in July
Is not enough and even love can drain our laughter dry
When second miles are long and hard and smiles dissolve in tears
And worldly explanations blab but cannot assuage fears
Until with hunger groaning for more than babble absurd
He quiets us with wonder in the fullness of His word

Sometimes the cruelty of tongue can steal ones breath away
With such an utter sadness that we don’t know what to say
The brokenness of humankind would lead to gross despair
Without hope’s ageless promises greater than loss or care
As we, with earnest yearning find the grace that leaves us stirred
And overcome with gladness at the pureness of His word

Sometimes the heart breaks, smarts and aches and takes more than hug-kiss
To heal the sorrows of the soul that touch of skin can miss
For we will always need more than the pomp and pride of boast
To fill the howling void that gapes within our uttermost
Where nothing will appease with peace until our will is spurred
To seek soul-saving comfort in the sureness of His word

© Janet Martin

 Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.
John 17:17


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