Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yes, Lets

 What are your 'Let's' of the day...
I'm trying to think of ways to add some 'glitter' to lines like
Let's do laundry, let's tidy up. 
'Let's make muffins' always has a nice ring to it because it goes with words like
'let's take a break' or 'let's have tea' :)

Splendor of time’s clime unbroken
Lends its ‘Let’ like thread unspun
Soon, soon it will be a token
Of words spoken and deeds done

Let’s honor its ‘let’ with gladness
Let’s be honest, eager, kind
Let’s comfort the sick, the sad, yes
Let’s live with others in mind

Let’s do lunch, let’s dance; let’s laugh, love
Let’s let morrow’s measure sit
Today’s ‘Let’ is quite enough, love
To keep us busy with it

Let’s make muffins, let’s make music,
Let’s make memories to hold
Let’s look longer at life’s rubric
Running rife with moment-gold

Time unfolds fresh untrained tendrils
Like a flower, like a child
Let’s be careful, let’s be gentle
Lest the ‘Let’ of it runs wild

© Janet Martin

 Let us not become weary in doing good, 
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 
Gal. 6:9


  1. So yummy looking..Yes let's !!
    The photo in previous post looks like it belongs in a vintage book..:)
    My let's have produced lentil soup and now yours..A thought I should get your recipe:) I am going to try and get them crinkly not muffiny...Here's to winter afternoons!

    1. Sometimes i think the pan something is baked on/in hasd as much to do with the outcome as the recipe.

      Here is the cookie recipe i use when I don't feel like opening a book...they're all kinda the same anyway...

      Choc. Chip Cookies

      Put in mixer bowl
      1 cup shortening (I use fluffo)
      1 cup wh. sugar
      1 cup br. sugar
      2 eggs
      Beat til fluffy.
      Add 2.5 cups flour and 1 tsp. soda
      then as many chipits as you like...approx. 2 cups but I put in more because that's the way we like them...often, if you have them on hand, a variety of chipits is nice as well.
      Bake 350 approx. 7 min

      good luck!
      Also, often I double the batch and freeze 1/2 of dough for easy,.quick fresh baked cookies.

      About the previous and old-fashioned dishes do make good 'vintage' shots:)

    2. also, your 'let's' sound homey-lovely.

  2. Thanks. hmm I wonder if you're right...They turned out sorta ho humm
    but will soon disappear I'm sure!

    1. that's a good word to describe the Banana Bread we had for lunch...(the sneak-peek:) It was over-baked on the outside while the center was still doughy...oh well. Bring on the butter:)

  3. Yummy treats with yummy poetry

    1. Martin, thank-you for your reading and your thoughts!


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