Saturday, January 14, 2017

When We Become a Mother...

Tonight an e-mail from Emily (our daughter, new mother) made me laugh and cry;
Motherhood a week old,
The love and labor of a new baby(some feeding challenges) overwhelming her with weariness, worry and wonder...
 and so begins her lifetime lesson of learning to lean on One greater while being astonished and replenished by love!
"my love for him is just so deep I want to take the best care of him that I can!"
Emily, his mother  (echoing the heart of all mothers)

Brantley James (one week old) (our grandson)
Photo credit: Brittany Ruppert (my niece)

When we become a mother we become laden with care
And love that loves much bigger than the labor that we bear
But we are not alone as we take on this untried grace
For God is our leaning post here in this learning place

When we become a mother we become mother for life
But God is ever-faithful through love’s tender joy and strife
For motherhood is something nothing can prepare us for
The fullness of its love and commitment like none before

When we become a mother we learn as we train and teach
To trust a loving Father who is always within reach
For while we laugh, cry, fret, pray, try harder, love deeper, oh,
We learn to lean upon the One that never lets us go

When we become a mother we begin to recognize
The love that often had no words but fell from earnest eyes
And we thank God for our mothers that love/loved us so
And learned to lean upon the One that never lets us go

When we become a mother we become laden with prayer
And love that loves much bigger than the labor of its care
…and we are not alone as we take on this daunting role
For God is like a leaning post for mother’s heart and soul

© Janet Martin


  1. He looks absolutely perfect! So glad I happened to stop by. Congratulations grandma.

    1. Thank-you so much! Truly blessed!
      (although Grandma's feeling a little 'gypped' in the snuggling department this week due to a really nasty head and chest cold that refuses to let up)Daughter is a little disappointed that i can't be there more and so am I:(
      I wore a mask one day but am so stuffed up that it made me feel claustrophobic!

    2. You've got years and years to make up for it. But hang on to them with both hands; they fly even faster then those spent with our children.

    3. :) I believe it...we blinked and we're halfway through January!

  2. Oh Janet. Brantley is a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations to you and to your daughter. Being a grandparent is the most amazing thing after being a mother. Blessings to you!

    1. Oh Pamela! You said it is the best thing after being a mother:) Thank-you so much!

  3. Oh my... these pictures are a work of art..of course the subject is perfect!

    I'm sorry you're still under the weather, Janet. Get well soon.

    My little baby Sophie turned sixteen yesterday -- yes, time flies fast; and faster with each year :)

    1. He is a doll! I don't want to blink because 16 years passes just like that!
      I'm SO looking forward to tomorrow because its one day closer to feeling better!
      Happy Birthday Sophie! (love her name)

  4. Heartwarming insight, this. (beautiful son)


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