Monday, January 23, 2017

Waiting For Yellow Hellos

We are trying to recall our last yellow-hello's well over a week ago!

The sky aches; breaks in little lakes on lawns, gardens and such
Its jazzy-blues in raindrop hues drips through dawn’s brooding touch
Where moody fell and gloomy dell swell with the knell of notes
Dashing on streets, splashing on windowpanes and overcoats

The color-wheel of nature waits for more than somber tones
And off-key melodies that rankle winter-weary bones  
Time takes its time sometimes it seems, to succor human hurt
Like glory-hallelujah prizes slumb’ring in cold dirt

Someday the yellow hello of sunshine and daffodils
Will run its mellow cello-tune across boondocks and hills
Where we will have forgotten the color-forsaken hours
Because we will be knee-deep in spring’s sheet-music of flowers

© Janet Martin


  1. Even the words in your poem are dancing. (the L's "...little lakes on lawns..."). Well done


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