Monday, January 9, 2017

Time's Free Way

Don’t you love a new day?
Shiny with ‘perhaps’
Time’s fresh-polished freeway
Landing in our laps

Rife with hope and wonder
Mercy lights the sky
Pours from coral yonder
Life’s refurbished ‘try’

Velvet invitation
Dares the heart to dream
Heaven’s salutation
Utters love’s esteem

Gone, the grunt and foible
Of past noble quest
Heaven sets earth’s table
With its utter-best

...a perfectly new day
Runs rampant, a free way 
To what waits to be

© Janet Martin

Imagine if we had to pay for a new day...
the old day wouldn't end until we could afford the toll for a new one!
God's goodness ordained it so this isn't the case.

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