Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Time's Common Ground

What's the weather like where you are?
Here it is as gray as gray can be, but at least not as icy as yesterday!
While I sat in a waiting room yesterday for over an hour I realized two things everyone can talk about even if we've never and children (the waiting spiced up by many babies/children, bringing a smile to every face) 
That's the gold in life no matter the weather so let's smile. 
It makes dull places sunny in spite of the weather!

We share common weather
We trod common dirt
No one is too grand for
Life’s hardship and hurt

We cup common sorrow
Cherish common joy
The tasks of tomorrow
No one can employ

Time’s common appointments
Of birthdays and such
Reminds us that no one
Is above time’s touch

We share common Present
All, commonly crowned
With tick-by-tock essence
Of time’s common ground

…but what we do with Time
Ah, therein is the gap
Some savor it, climb it
While others just nap

© Janet Martin


  1. You must be reading my blog, so you know I so agree.
    Thank you for echoing this valuable thought

    1. Thank-you AND you're welcome! Sometimes I think the older i get the more we have in common with less people;-)


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