Thursday, January 5, 2017

This Is The Life...

This is the life, my love
A season-splendored sweep
Where joy and sorrow spills from cups
We hold but cannot keep

This is the life, my dear
A year is full of days
And days are full of smiles and tears
Scattering golds and grays

This is the life, my sweet
Where nothing lasts for long
Time's pocket full of holes, it seems
Its locket full of song

This is the life, my, my
A planting-reaping trust
A slip and stumble try-try-try
Stirring dream-dazzled dust

This is the life, my love
And what a life it is
For every now and then God sends
A new baby to kiss

© Janet Martin


  1. "Time's pocket full of holes, it seems
    Its locket full of song"
    such lovely lines. Such a beautiful baby.

    1. He is beautiful...a bit of a rough time for mummy so she is moving pretty slow!( but she agrees SO worth it!!)
      The kind mums of the kiddos I babysit are granting me an extra week off so I can be there for her.

    2. So nice that you can be there to help out, and to enjoy. Hope Emily gets some rest and regains her strength soon.
      I'm just so very happy for you!

    3. Thank-you! I'm so thankful too, that I can be close is a special take-it-slow time and a week can make a big difference in how new mummy feels.


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