Tuesday, January 10, 2017

That Which We Have...

 When I'm holding this 6-day old lad I wish for nothing more:)

Often, though glad with what we have
We might still pause to wish a bit
And then forget that which we have
And thus neglect to cherish it

Time’s hand fills both cradle and grave
Now is the slave to memory
Lord, remind us that which we have
Will soon fade to what used to be

© Janet Martin


  1. We have to make the moments count; they are gone so swiftly.

    That baby is just precious.

    1. Hi Dayle, and thank-you:)
      oh, he is the best thing EVER...as are ALL babies!

  2. Sooooo adorable..just want to squish him..:)

    1. me too and I can't right now because I have an AWFUL cold...hope you don't get it 'cause I was not feeling very hot on Sun:(

  3. I always feel that the best baby in the world is the one I am holding in my arms at the moment. Looking forward to many many more photos of your little guy.

    1. So true...have you EVER held an un-precious bay?!! never.
      I could post a ridiculous amount of pictures but I'll try to control myself;-))


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