Thursday, January 19, 2017

So Begins Another Day

This little guy prefers sleeping to eating making for a fretting frazzled mommy!
Much patience-training already for new mommy and daddy...

Tip-toes touch down on time’s runway
And so begins another day
Labor lends its incumbent quest
We, still by Adam’s curse, most blest

Both friend and foe of woe and cheer
We don day’s ‘go’ of laughter-tear
The imminence of what will be
Only the eyes of God can see

We would be sore afraid in thought
Dawn’s Door, a gate to we-know-not
With trembling mustard-seed-size faith
We trust the Lord who heeds each breath

Futile to fret for what is past
While dawn begets hope’s new-day cast
We reach to touch the Giver’s hand
…so much we do not understand

I have heard people, two-feet shod
Declare they live but don’t need God
While lungs are filled with new-morn air
And they inhale grace unaware

We, poor creatures of needy noise
Dependent all, earth’s girls and boys
We gulp time’s gifted grant…Love grins
While mercy-fruit drips from our chins

© Janet Martin

 Sometimes I find the hardest move I make all day is the one where I swing my legs over the side of a comfy, cozy bed and move to the upright position! Once my feet are on the floor I no longer want to sleep but oh, the oomph to get them there!
...and so begins another day
Who knows what will be but these...Goodness and mercy for our needs


  1. Precious baby boy. A big adjustment for the new parents. Such a blessing.

    1. Yes so precious but SO un-carefree:) this blessing!

  2. Ahh... takes me back. Thank you

    1. good times, right? in spite of far-less-sleep nights.


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