Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making The Best Of Time

Take time for snuggles
 Take time for tea...
Take time to make Time...
... a lovely melody

Let’s make today an adventure
This once-in-a-lifetime spree
Calls us to treasure the measure
Rife with life’s waiting-to-be

Let’s make today something special
Look with new eyes at its poise
Live it with thought truly thankful
For all its full-color joys

Let’s make it a celebration
Glad for life’s simplest of grants
For morning’s inauguration
Offers more than circumstance

Let’s treat today kind and friendly
Let’s try to do our part
To turn it into a memory
That brings a smile to the heart

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful positive message

    1. :) Those two little ones often refill my optimism-tank!


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