Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Muse for All-Week Dues...


Lord, may our simple service be
To love with kind humility
To show in every way we can
Our love for You
Through loving our fellowman


Not with what I wish I had
Nor with ‘if’ or ‘when’s vague plan
But to serve with a heart so glad
With what I have
Right where I am


Not for specific size or shape of task
But simply for willingness, Lord, I ask

Then, if I trust You, whatever the call
No task will be too great or small


We are not all called
To a grand, noble quest
But we are all called
To give our best

And if our best
Is all we bring
Each quest will be
A grand, noble thing


Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Our understanding sees but in part
Only God knows what is in store
So we should choose to trust Him more


Life is race
And a race, my friend
Is not won in the middle
But always, at the end

So, runner, be humble
Lest, caught off guard
We decide, as we stumble
Trying hard is too hard

Look well, fellow-athlete
For the winners are they
Not of smooth, swift beginnings
But who run faithfully, all the way


Not bloated blather of lip-art
But worship with work-hands and heart


More than pompous word-parades
Or loud charades of show
But gladness for the day God made
And His grace whereby we go


Who knows what this week
Will bring to you and me
Still, Lord, help us seek
To live thankfully

Happy Monday!

© Janet Martin

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