Monday, January 30, 2017

Live, Laugh, Love

 We are celebrating the first sunrise in weeks;
a wonderful way to begin this second-last day of January...
and who knows what else?!

The longer that we live
The more the memories we make
Each day destined to leave
White ghost-like glimmers in its wake

The longer that we laugh
The more we come to understand
The dearness of its gift
The nearness of sorrow’s swift hand

The longer that we love
The more we come to realize
The bitter-sweetness of
Time’s satin glove filled with good-byes

© Janet Martin

We spent yesterday with Brantley's other grand-parents visiting from Nova Scotia, 
realizing how, as we shared and reminisced about our own children as babies,
 we all share in common, (the older we get)
 a bittersweet sorrow at the swiftness of it all


  1. Great poem. Great (and true) thoughts

  2. Oh indeed, how precious and fleeting it is.
    So happy for you guys to all be together.


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